Dear SMS Staff,

The SMS PTSA is excited to continue with our “Mini-Grants”. The Mini-Grant Program is designed to fund enriching, educational experiences that will benefit the students of SMS.  While PTSA is open to a variety of requests, we would prefer those that align directly with student learning, achievement or emotional wellbeing rather than food, décor or t-shirts. If you have a need that meets the criteria of the program, please consider submitting a proposal for a mini-grant. Grants will be awarded based on available funds.

Who may apply? Individual teachers, groups of teachers and any special subject area teachers may apply. Any SMS staff member who has an idea that will enhance the instructional experience of students may submit an application for a grant. *All grant applicants must be paid members of the SMS PTSA. If a group of teachers applies for a grant, all members must be PTA members.

When may I apply? You may apply throughout the year. Applications will be considered by the PTSA Grant Committee through April 1, 2024 or until funds are depleted.

How do I apply? Complete the application and turn into the PTA mailbox.

Is there a budget limit? The grant proposal may not exceed $250.

How will my application be evaluated? All applications will go through a blind evaluation and will be reviewed by members of the PTSA Grant Committee. Grant readers will evaluate the application based upon how the proposed project supports the curriculum, for the impact it will have on students, and for the clarity of the budget presentation. Grants will be awarded by a majority decision of the PTSA Board of Directors based on available funds.


  • Mini-grants should provide wide-range student enrichment
  • Materials purchased through the mini-grants shall remain as school property
  • Mini-grants are meant to provide funds for projects for which other funding may not be available. Funds granted by the PTSA must be utilized in the same academic year.

We hope that you will take advantage of this program to provide the best education and experience we can give our students. If you have any questions about the program please email :


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